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What is My Map City?

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My Map City is a free advertising portal providing all over world business, Hospital, doctor, school, colleges, beauty salon, coaching, Real state, shopping center, hotels, restaurant, and another type of business details.

My map city is the platform in your device where users got information about the nearby business and services. It provides many options to the user by which he/she better understands about my map city.

How can to create an account on my map city?

First, registered a free account on My Map City and signup two option are available direct Facebook account and signup email. After, login to account after  Find the ADD LISTING button and click there. Open a new window and fill Business full details.  Click your preview button open a new window see your business in full details. This process is you successfully submit .your business profile after one day showing your list on my map city.
My map city provides to the user dashboard. User dashboard is available to edit list features, edit review, manage your profile and many more features.

Advantages of creating the account on my map city.
: the user can upload the information about their business, events and also get information about the review.
: user also manages their business detail itself.
: user also like it through facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites.


My Map city Dashboard

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My Map City Review Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do post relevant content.

Post reviews of your personal experience availing the products and services of local providers of mymap.city. Avoid unrelated matters such as politics, religion, and opinions outside of your experience.

  • Don’t be a copycat.

We don’t need to be copied and pasted content from other sources. Tell us your own experience about a medical mymap.city provider that you like or don’t like.

Our My Map City Review Policy Reminder :-

As a member of My Map City.com, you can post reviews on the website which will be useful to other users for reference. They are also helpful for clinics, storefronts, and advertisers and others services so they have access to relevant feedback in order to improve their services. Having said that, all reviews should comply with the My Map City Review Policy otherwise it will be removed or edited. Please follow our terms and conditions of mymap.city.

How does My Map City rank advertisers?

We base the ranking of advertisers to certain criteria such as review contents, popularity, and a number of reviews, among others. At My Map City, we are committed to refining our rankings through consistent evaluation so we can provide listings that will benefit you.

My Map City Disclosure :-

My Map City is primarily a resource of relevant listings on medical mymapcity dispensaries, stores, doctors and services for members and users. Registered members, partners, and stakeholders who share third-party details are responsible for their information. They are not verified or certified as true and correct by My Map City. Further, My Map City.com does not advertise or promote any clinic, doctor, business or services. It does not control or regulate information provided by members or third-party entities. The accuracy of such data is not guaranteed.

Do you have more questions?  

Please reach out to us at [email protected] so our representatives can help you right away..